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"The academic panel concluded that there appears to be little evidence to demonstrate that the welfare of animals kept in travelling circuses is any better or worse than that of animals kept in other captive environments" - Executive Summary of the DEFRA Circus Working Group 2007

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Monday, 31 December 2012

More things in common...

RSPCA official charity logo
RSPCA official charity logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Rouster is not usually one to push a story by the Daily Mail. This tabloid rag that masquerades as middle-brow journalism has been responsible for many unfair and unbalanced reports on animals in entertainment, and often shows shocking examples of its own double-standards within short spaces of time. However, this weekend's story reveals something that Rouster has known and been trying to put across for a very long time. 

The RSPCA has never been Rouster's favourite "Animal Welfare" charity. Unlike many other very reputable non-profit animal welfare charities, the organization's stance has been far too political for our tastes. Their unwavering position against wild animals in circuses - despite numerous inspectors finding nothing wrong with travelling circuses, their own commissioned investigation coming out in favour of animals in circuses and in opposition to the overwhelming evidence contradicting their own self proclaimed "scientific" opinion -  obviously pits them directly against our own philosophy. However, they are generally considered to be the lesser of our threats. Unlike, PETA, ADI, HSUS, CAPS and so on, the RSPCA can still just about be seen as an Animal Welfare group, rather than Animal Rights. We believe that, on the whole, they don't muddy the water and a lot of their principles make good sense. They advocate good animal care as opposed to the AR stance of eventual abolition of the human/non-human animal bond. They don't want the world to turn vegan, pet ownership to cease and they are not voicing any opposition to animals in entertainment generally - just the bizarre anti-circus stance.

However, their history is far from unmarked. A little over a decade ago they had to withdraw a statement that put their philosophical stance firmly in the animal rights camp. This was done to save their charity status. Recently, under new leadership, they have been making statements that, once again, closely resemble their not-too-distant cousins in PETA et al. See our article "Terrorism Begins at Home". They've also been courting too much celebrity influence with very little substance, which is another animal rights hallmark. Making Queen Guitarist, Brian May, whose own academic qualifications have nothing to do with animals, vice president was a very cynical move indeed.

And yet the recent "revelation" in the Daily Mail, shows us something else that brings them even closer to the animal rights brigade. Look at our anti-PETA tagline advert and compare notes:

  • Shock figures reveal 3,400 animals were put down for 'non-medical reasons'.
  • Whistleblower claims she shot healthy dogs 'because there was no room'.
  • Statistics show 10,000 fewer animals were rehomed in 2011.
  • The charity's prosecutions of rogue pet owners leapt by 20 per cent.

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