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Monday, 6 February 2012

Child Exploitation Part II

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In the blog last year Rouster pointed out the double standards shamelessly exhibited by animal rights groups such as CAPS  who are prepared to claim that performing animals are exploited, but seem not to be concerned with the exploitation of naïve young children to further their political aspirations. Recently yet another disturbing example has been brought to our attention.  The video below shows yet another enthusiastic animal rights activist parent not adverse to exploiting their children in the interests of furthering their own agenda.

Whilst not condoning the apparent abuse of these animals seen on the video Rouster's attention from the issue is distracted by a different kind of abuse on display. 

Clearly scripted and prepared for the shoot, this poor young girl is being coerced by her parents and pushed into a bad emotional state. One has to wonder at the motivations behind this very cynical exercise and why the parents did not make the video themselves.

Not surprisingly this individual has blocked any comment on the You Tube page and as always hides behind a pseudo name.

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  1. Another video regarding apparent abuse. It looks like the groom is scratching the elephant behind the ears to me, but the script tells you he is hurting it, the 'scream' is obviously edited in, an elephant experiencing pain would make a louder and different sound and would have attempted to move away. Then it looks like the groom is hitting the elephant with the brush. I would call it an over-enthusiastic nudge/shove to get it to turn around, just like is done with any other animal, giving a push with a hand on it's leg won't work, it probably wouldn't feel it. Again, if the animal felt pain as a result it would either shy away or turn to attack.

    That poor girl has obviously been told to watch this, if it is his daughter he should've known it would upset her and shouldn't have let her watch it. If it is a genuine reaction then WHY ON EARTH is Daddy filming her and asking her questions instead of giving her the comfort and reassurance she so desperately needs. He would be better employed taking her to a Circus and asking to go and see the animals so it can reassure her delicate mind. She needs to know the difference between Animal WELFARE and the agenda from the animal rights activists.

    And then educating her on the fact that the animals cannot and will not be set free as they are at least 7th Generation Captive bred and wouldn't survive in the wild.

    How low can one sink to. The things some people do to their kids to further their own beliefs is disgusting. This child will probably end up being bullied at school because of this.

    I hope he doesn't also show her Child Porn and Child Murder cases as a warning to her to be wary of stranger danger.

    The ADI want shooting too for filming, IF THEY SUSPECT ANY ABUSE WHY DO THEY LEAVE A CAMERA RUNNING INSTEAD OF REPORTING IT RIGHT AWAY. Anything to gain sympathy donations from the gullible public.