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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Assault on the staff of the Ramos Bros circus. Crowd Funding Terrorism?

This month it was reported in the media of an assault on the staff of the Ramos Bros circus in San Bernardino, California. These assaults were linked to a protest against the circus by the extremist animal rights organisation Direct Action Everywhere (DxE). On its website it states:

The Washington Times quoted Ringmaster Oliver Ramos who sustained a split lip via allegedly been hit in the face by a protester wielding a megaphone after he tried to protect his uncle from being attacked:
“All of a sudden when I turned around one of them jumped on top of my uncle — he’s over 68-years-old — and they started beating on him and I reacted,” Mr. Ramos told the news station. “When I pulled them off, they hit me with a megaphone in the face, and all these ladies started scratching me on the face.”
Ringmaster Oliver Ramos who sustained a split lip via allegedly been hit in the face by a pro-tester wielding a megaphone after he tried to protect his uncle from being attacked

The protesters themselves maintained that they were held against their will on the circus site and assaulted by circus staff.

However, significantly the only arrests made at the circus were of two supporters of Direct Action Everywhere: one demonstrator was cited and the other was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Two members of circus staff were treated for injuries.

In an interesting development one of the protesters who was arrested Abraham Santamaria appealed on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo for monies to pay for his defence relating to his arrest and charging.

DxE activist and organiser of the protest at Ramos Bros circus Abraham Santamaria appeals for money on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site.

Ironically, on Indiegogo the terms and conditions of use it states categorically: 
"Campaign Owners are not permitted to create a Campaign to raise funds for illegal activities, to cause harm to people or property, or to scam others..." 
And it is interesting that this website would seem to turn a blind eye to what is considered to be certainly an act of animal-rights terrorism.

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  1. Just an update.. Oliver Ramos consulted with a high-profile Beverly Hill Entertainment Firm. They believe they have a case. They have dealt with animal rights victims before. I will post more on behalf of Oliver as legally can be revealed. It is not over.

  2. interesting to see the activist has an animal held in captivity in his hands