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"The academic panel concluded that there appears to be little evidence to demonstrate that the welfare of animals kept in travelling circuses is any better or worse than that of animals kept in other captive environments" - Executive Summary of the DEFRA Circus Working Group 2007

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Monday, 19 August 2013

The Big Cats Are Back: BFBS Radio meets Jolly's Circus

Chris Kay, of BFBS Radio, interviews lion trainer Thomas Chipperfield and ringmaster Peter Jolly Jr of Jolly's Circus.  Jolly's are currently touring the UK with a well-received traditional show containing both wild and domestic animals, including the welcome return of lions and tigers.  All the animals are now inspected and licensed under the new UK circus animal welfare regulations.

Meanwhile, Animal Defenders International have been seriously wrong-footed as news came in that Peter Jolly's were touring with Thomas Chipperfield's lion and tiger act. Jolly's, a circus that boasts several animal acts and has successfully complied with the new government regulations, has already enjoyed sell-out audiences - despite anti-animal circus advocates routinely citing polls that indicate the vast majority of the general public are against the use of animals in circus.However, the animal rights group's latest embarrassment is the simple fact that the act arrived on the circus and has performed to yet more packed audiences of highly entertained people and set up radio interviews, and they don't even know where they are. Their Facebook group has been reaching out in desperation to their acolytes for information on where Peter Jolly's circus is currently showing.

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