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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Three Little Pigs...

In recent months we have had the dubious pleasure of chronicling a variety of activities on the part of our friends the Animal Rights activists, ranging from the unwise to the simply criminal. If it was not for them, our lives would be very dull indeed.
American AR groups paying someone to bear false witness against a US Circus and getting gratifyingly sued; the ADI in this country hiring a criminal to break and enter into private property; the RSPCA, seemingly the bastion of Animal Welfarism, turning coat and clamouring for the vigilante punishment of farm workers – one does not know whether to laugh or cry. We have always been aware of the AR groups being capable of behaviours and attitudes well outside the scope of what we file under “normal”.
However, they still keep surprising us. This time, they have ventured into what can only be described as “completely insane”.

Picture this: A tiny school in a rural part of Suffolk decides that it is important for its pupils to understand where food comes from. In a county where pig farms are abundant, they elect to rear three piglets on their premises. The children will look after the animals and watch them grow until they are ready for slaughter. In this way, they will learn about the lives of the animals and also forge a mental link between the meat on their plate and the creatures which it comes from.

I hold that any sane person, capable of rational thought, would see this as an incredibly healthy educational exercise. Far too many children are unaware both of what animals are really like and of the reality of meat production. They might know conceptually that bacon comes from pig, but, not having any experience of pigs beyond watching “Babe”, that knowledge will have little in the way of emotional impact. Let people know that the meat on their plate was last week a cute piggy-wiggy with sparkling eyes and a twitchy nose. Let them know that no bacon comes without bloodshed. Teach them about real life! If this does not make them rethink their diet, I don’t know what will.

You would think that the AR lot would be tickled pink by the potential impact of this sort of exercise. After all, they are no strangers to the use of sacrificial lambs for the good of the cause. PETA routinely slaughter thousands of animals because it is better for them to be dead than to “suffer in captivity”. Surely sacrificing the lives of these three piglets, who would have doubtlessly ended up in a slaughterhouse anyway, is justified by the fact that they will be possibly saving the lives of thousands of farm animals when these children realise that meat is murder.

You would think that. But no, the AR activists decided to surprise us. They started a hate campaign against the school which got so bad that it has resulted in the School having to request police protection.
The project, according to the AR lobby, is “desensitising” children. They blithely ignore the fact that the majority of the UK population consists of meat eaters. They gloss over the fact that not a single child at the school in question is a vegetarian. They are already all eating meat. All the project is designed to do is to teach them about the reality of meat production – that it comes from animals. It is not designed to make a moral call on whether this is a good or bad thing. It just aims to teach them the facts.

Of course, our AR buddies believe that no animal should be used as food. As the spokeswoman for the Colchester Animal Defenders, Liza Isa-Vegan, said: “The children should not be taught (...) that pigs are lesser beings than humans.”
Yes, Liza Isa - there is no difference between a pig and a child, of course. Why didn't I think of that? Though the head of has often been quoted as saying “a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy”, so perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised to hear it from others that follow her mantra.

We should not expose children to such cruelty. On the other hand, it is perfectly okay to expose them to violent language and images. It is ok to subject them to an international campaign of harassment partly based on false information. It is perfectly acceptable to make them aware that some people believe that their headmistress deserves to be “taken to a slaughterhouse”.

What can I tell you? There is no pleasing a lunatic. However far we go, unless we all agree to live entirely by their rules, the AR disciples will never be happy.
Of course, they do not seem to realise that these three little piggy’s would not have been born in the first place if there was not a market for pork, ham or bacon.
Vegetarianism does not mean happy pigs living free, natural lives. It means farmers not keeping pigs. Bye bye, Babe.

There is no knowing what they will come up with next. Things are becoming so surreal in the AR camp that we cannot even begin to anticipate their actions. Watch this space, and be prepared for madness.
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